Needle Breakage

Checking the attachment direction

Check the bottom of the scarf, the needle eye and the groove using a loupe to insert the needle correctly.

 Without a loupe, fingering on the needle eye as shown to right makes it easy to find the needle eye direction.

※ Touch the needle eye with extreme care to protect your finger from the needle point.


When needle with PD coating is advisable

Use "PD" coating needle

Select a suitable "Ball point" needle

Checking needle point
  1. Compare a damaged needle point with a normal one using a loupe and microscope.
  2. You might find the damage using your finger as shown to the right(②).
    ※Touch a damaged needle point with extreme care to protect your finger.
Checking the bend
Roll some needles together as shown to right. Compared to the point of the unbending needles, the point of the bending needles move from side to side.