Needle Line

Needle line, material and yarn

When the cause is related to the material, the features of the material are as follows:

Unstable yarn

(Straight fabrics)

(Difference in structure and density  between the warp and weftl →A)

(Loose yarn with an open structure → B)

Visible yarn movement

(Difference in color between the warp and weft →C)

(Non-dyed part inside the material)

*In the event of this material, "Needle line" might occur during the sewing process.

When the cause is related to the material or the thread, it is difficult to solve

the problem only by correcting the needle.     


Checking needle point
  1. Compare a damaged needle point with a normal one using a loupe and microscope.
  2. You might find the damage using your finger as shown to the right(②).
    ※Touch a damaged needle point with extreme care to protect your finger.